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The Sound of Theatre

David Collison traces the history of theatre sound from Ancient Greece to the 20th century. Medieval sound effects are described, along with sound in Shakespeare’s plays, and mechanical effects in the 18th and 19th centuries, including wind machines, thunder runs and battle effects. The sound for the famous 1925 play “The Ghost Train” is also explained. 


A chronology of key inventions follows developments from cylinder and disc recording, tape machines and cassette recorders, through to audio systems in the digital age. Sound design for Broadway and West End musicals is extensively covered with anecdotes and personal recollections from many of the pioneers, including the author’s 30 years as a leading sound designer.

Author: David Collison
Publication Date: 15th June 2020
Book Format: Paperback
Kindle Version: Click here to buy from Amazon
Price: £24.95


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